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E. P. K.

Old School Thrash Metal from Melbourne, Australia

About Us

About us:

Blasting out from a Sith temple located in an Imperial stronghold in Melbourne, Australia, Sithlord combine old school Euro style thrash with sci-fi and otherworldly lyrics to create a galaxy of their own. With equal nods to Star Wars, other space operas and action classics, Sithlord attack with lightsaber precision and Death Star like heaviness


Featuring previous members of Hobbs Angel Of Death(live lineup), Atomizer & Sarfaust.... Sithlord has shared the stage with acts such as: Nocturnus AD(USA), Abramelin, Denouncement Pyre, Harlott, Anarazel, Bastardizer(NSW), Vexation & many more  


With a new weapon in it's final stages of construction & scheduled to be digitally released in 2023, the assault on the Jedi & rebel forces will be relentless

​May the Dark Side of the Force be with you always &...... Thrash Til Death!

Listen To Us
From Out Of The Darkness (Lyric Video)
Next In Line (Lyric Video)

Review Quotes:

Sithlord have cracked the style from the formative years of thrash metal, those early years when a cacophony of raw brutality ruled the airways and spawned “the big 4”

Click HERE for Full review by Iron Matthew - Metal Gods TV

While they don’t pull much from the actual movies save for a few laser blasts and a lightsaber ignition, the album hits hard enough to feel like one is being run through by a podracer

Click HERE for Full review by Colin McNamara - BRUTALISM

It’s reminiscent of careering through an asteroid belt in a stolen TIE interceptor dodging and weaving from side to side as it tries to outrun the chasing squadron

Click ​HERE for Full review by Byron Lotz - Metal Roos 

The album has good sound and energy, perhaps powered by the dark side of the force or something like that

Click ​HERE for Full review by Daniel Källmalm -

The main exploit SITHLORD achieve is to offer us a synthesis of the style of the groundbreaking Thrash bands of the 80s (KREATOR, SODOM, DESTRUCTION, SEPULTURA and even primitive DARK ANGEL) without sounding derivative or unoriginal 

Click ​HERE for Full review by Edouard Vergriete -

Who’d have thought you could blend death/thrash metal with evil Star Wars themes and actually make it work! Leave it to those crazy Aussie's for yet another killer band to surface that screams evil-80’s-death/thrash!

Click ​HERE for Full review by Josh Greer AKA: Agent of Steel -

The music let out menacing overtones like in the days Death Metal was still an mere extension of Thrash

Click ​HERE for Full review by Edouard Vergriete -

Stage Plot/Gear Rider

Stage Plot & gear Rider:

In progress

Contact Us

Contact Us:

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