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Labyrinth To The Gods



Saundies - Guitar/Vocals

Scott McMahon - Guitar

Jay Sanders - Bass

Jason 'Snorkelbender' Dutton - Drums

Track Listing:


(Music by Saundies)

Labyrinth To The Gods

(Music & Lyrics by Saundies)

Disinterred Faith

(Music by Saundies, Arrangement & Lyrics By J. Dutton)


(Music & Lyrics by Saundies)

Enslaved To Hades

(Music & Lyrics by Saundies)


(Music by Saundies, Arrangement By S. McMahon)

Unlisted Track:

Dawning Of The New Millennium In Darkness

(Demo Version)

(Music & Lyrics by Saundies)

All music & lyrics by Saundies

except.... Disinterred Faith: lyrics by J. Dutton

Recorded & mixed by the ever so patient Adam ‘The Wizard’ Calaitzis at

Toyland Recording Studio

mastered By Crystal Mastering

Cover art & graphic work by Scott McMahon

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