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Blasting out from a Sith temple located in an Imperial stronghold in Melbourne, Australia, Sithlord combine old school Euro style thrash with sci-fi and otherworldly lyrics to create a galaxy of their own. With equal nods to Star Wars, other space operas and action classics, Sithlord attack with lightsaber precision and Death Star like heaviness.


Featuring previous members of Hobbs Angel Of Death(live lineup), Atomizer & Sarfaust.... Sithlord has shared the stage with acts such as: Nocturnus AD(USA), Abramelin, Denouncement Pyre, Harlott, Anarazel, Bastardizer(NSW), Vexation & many more  


With a new weapon in it's final stages of construction & scheduled to be digitally released 2023, the assault on the Jedi & rebel forces will be relentless

​May the Dark Side of the Force be with you always &...... Thrash Til Death!

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